SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) batteries also known as the Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are the flat plate batteries that do not require topping-up and normally do not emit any fumes or gases on a continuous basis. They are completely sealed and therefore eliminate the risk of acid spillage during transportation. Due to their construction it can be mounted in any orientation and do not require constant maintenance. These are used for high end applications of standby power like UPS, Electric Converter, Railway Communications, Security Systems etc.

OKAYA batteries have always stood the test of time, year after year due to its robust built and par excellence quality. It is manufactured in-house using the most advanced technology and is known for its all round engineering excellence. Not only is it long lasting and durable but also a product that exudes reliability and sustainability. Each battery is made keeping in mind the highest industry standards and technical specifications.

OKAYA SMF batteries are made with the modern Japanese technology, using the in house special lead-tin-calcium alloy and specially imported Absorbent Glass Mat, fabricated in tough ABS containers for increased durability. The latest gas recombination technology ensures no emission of fumes. It promises you a genuine product, which tops in six stigmatic tests and is certified by ETDC.

Ok solar


Solar Batteries as the name suggests are powered by the solar energy. It is a rechargeable battery that integrates a solar cell with battery power storage. It is also a tubular battery and uses captive power for its energy source. Over the last decades, the focus on solar photovoltaic systems usage to meet the growing clean power demand globally has increased manifold.

The success of a SPV system largely depends on the efficiency of its storage. These have been developed specifically for use in photovoltaic systems or are just used for individual purpose. They are used especially in stand-alone systems for storage of energy produced by solar panels and batteries as a buffer when major consumer operation. Cost effective storage of solar power is a challenge as the electricity produced from solar panels is intermittent.

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