Bermocoll is a group of non-ionic cellulose ethers; based on cellulose, a natural polymer from wood pulp or cotton linter. They are manufactured in two main cellulose ethers types EHEC (ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose) and MEHEC (methyl ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose).

Bermocoll grades are all soluble in water and are used in a variety of industrial applications, but mainly in water-based paints and in building products. They are delivered in the form of a whitish free-flowing powder of different particle sizes.

Our Bermocoll cellulose ethers are used in water-based decorative paints and building and construction applications acting as a:

  • Thickening agent
  • Stabilizing agent
  • Water-retaining agent
  • Dispersing agent
  • Binding agent
  • Protective colloid
  • Emulsion and foam stabilizer
  • Film forming agent
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