About Us

We are a renewable energy company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our values being Quality, Trust and Integrity. Our systems are designed and installed to the highest standards. We install grid tied solar systems, off grid and hybrid solar systems and power backup systems. We believe in providing solar power solutions to everyone hence our tagline ‘Solar for Everyone’. We are approved by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA), Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited (LECO).

We at Everon Power Private Limited ensure that our expertise will help improve the livelihoods of our customers. We believe in providing excellent customer service and we are committed to delivering top quality products and services. Our team of professionals are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the renewable energy sector. We follow the SLSI 1522 standards in all our installations and ensure that the highest quality standard is maintained.

We only deal with suppliers of repute and we undertake rigorous checks to ensure that our products are being supplied by the leading manufacturers with a strong level of pedigree in the electrical generation industry, thus ensuring that our brand reputation is being maintained.

We are always up to date with the latest technologies and advancements in the industry. We have a wide range of products and services that cater to both residential, commercial and industrial customers. We provide customized solutions based on the customer’s requirements.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who are experts in the installation of solar systems and power backup systems. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and services at the most competitive prices.

We strive to provide an outstanding customer experience and exceed customer expectations. We are committed to providing clean and renewable energy solutions to our customers, and we are dedicated to protecting the environment. We believe that renewable energy is the way of the future and we are committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their electricity bills.

We are passionate about bringing renewable energy solutions to our customers and helping them reduce their energy costs and make a positive contribution to the environment. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and products and we believe that our commitment to quality, trust and integrity is what sets us apart from our competitors.


Our Process

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